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The focus of our decorating process is eco-friendly and lead-free allowing for 100% Proposition 65 Compliance in all aspects of our custom bottle screen printing business. For example: Decorated Glass with UV Ink does NOT have a Carbon Footprint - enabling the package to be 100% RECYCLABLE!


We believe in partnership and strategic alliances. Our partnerships allow us to provide our customers with the best opportunity for success in their business.


We are very excited to add spray coating and frost services to our custom bottle decorating capabilities. Sprays can add color to printed bottles in dramatic fades, gradients, and vignettes.


Frosted glass is also available for just the look and feel you want in production. 



Click on the arrows to the left for examples of our spray coated bottle decorating.


Frosting   |   Organic Water Based Spray   |   Fades and Vignettes   |   Window Effects   |    Label Application

Direct Organic Screen Printing

Direct Organic Screen Printing


Loggerhead Deco provides direct screen printing to glass bottle decoration for the beverage industry. Direct screen printing (sometimes known as applied color labeling - ACL) is a process by which ink is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and cured using ultraviolet light. The label design is imprinted into the glass. Benefits include perfect registration, and labels that cannot be torn, scuffed, wrinkled, or soaked off the bottle surface.


Offering multicolor decorating and the potential for 360º wrap-around designs, direct screen-printing is a favorite of graphic designers seeking

flexibility and creativity for beyond what traditional paper labels or pressure sensitive labels offer.

On print runs from 100 cases to 100,000 cases, direct screenprinting is cost competitive with all other labeling applications. Special focus is biodegradable colors

Logistics Support and Warehousing

Please contact us for more information.


Speculative Sampling and Design

This is a critical item for our customers. With the understanding that most customers want samples of their artwork on the bottles. We have three unique options:

1) Bottle templates that customers can access through a special design area, pick their bottle, and insert their artwork.

2) LoggerDesign® - Our Creative designers will transform your artwork into a before and after design or make a design for you that will fully utilize the screen printing technology.

3) Print physical samples - Loggerhead understands the impression an actual printed sample can bring. We are willing to work with you on this and we do require cost sharing for printing samples. Assuming we have the tooling in-house, the cost will be for art preparation, screens, bottles, and inks. We will make every effort to keep the cost to a minimum for your project. We take sampling very serious and you can always expect to receive the highest quality achievable.

Custom Packaging and Cartons

Custom Packaging and Cartons

The ability to network through our extensive strategic partnerships allows us to provide custom packaging in all forms.

Assembly and Kitting Services

We do everything from subassemblies for consumer durables and hang-tags to complete pack-outs ready for retail. We also assemble multi-component packages and devices.

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