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Loggerhead Deco is committed to providing an eco-friendly, glass bottle decorating solution to the beverage packaging industry. This commitment will benefit our customers, our industry, our employees, and our world by reducing the carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption for a cleaner planet.


Customers - we have customers that strive to be "eco-aware" by choosing to work with our team to reduce their carbon footprint.


Industry - we have chosen to decorate on substrates that are known to be eco-friendly and have established strategic partnerships with manufacturer's that support this initiative with their own sustainable policies.


Employees - we have employees that have given the commitment to recycling office paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and general supplies. Our manufacturing is striving to be paper free.


World - we have chosen to participate in supporting many foundations and organic trade organizations that support the reduction of heavy metals in manufacturing and assist to save endangered animals and wetlands. 

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