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LoggerDesign Questions and Answers: UPC and Barcodes

Common questions we often receive about UPC/Barcodes...

Q: What size should it be?

A: The minimum recommended print size for a 750mL is 1.5"w x .5"h (38.1mm x


Q: What colors can I use for my barcode?

A: White and red do not scan, dark colors print best, we can "knock out" the barcode if only using one color/light color.

Q: What barcode system do you use?

A: We use the UPC A printing standards

Q: Should my barcode be vertical or horizontal?

A: We recommend, whenever possible, to print the barcode vertically on a round bottle

to avoid distortion in the lines.

Q: Can my UPC be resized?

A: The UPC can be reduced to 80% and can be increased up to 200% without

jeopardizing the scanability

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